F O R T Investment LLC

FORT Global brand in Switzerland

  • FORT Investment LLC was formed in 2014 under Swiss law to act as sole distributor of FORT Global funds in Switzerland.
    The privately owned company is licensed as distributor of units of foreign collective investment schemes by FINMA the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

    Mandate is the strengthening of the FORT Global brand in Switzerland as a distributor of high quality quantittive
    UCITS and Offshore funds.

    FORT Investment LLC provides regulated access to FORT Global Diversified, Contrarian and Value Market Neutral funds.
    Offered fund format are Cayman Offshore/Onshore, Irish UCITS and Managed Accounts.
    Cayman Offshore and Onshore fund formats are exclusively available to qualified investors (QI).
    UCITS fund formats can be obtained by qualified and non-qualified investors as specified in the provisions of CISA and CISO.

  • Felix Gasser
    Felix Gasser
    Managing Director

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  • F O R T  L.P.   Global Funds

    FORT L.P.  Established in 1993 by Dr. Yves Balcer and Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Fort L.P is the management company of FORT Global funds.
    The Washington and New York based investment management firm, specializes in the research and development of systematic and quantitative alternative investment strategies.

    FORT Global funds are scientifically researched and developed quantitative strategies, engineered with the goal to provide diversified, liquid and robust capital returns.

    FORT Global investment strategies are classified as:
    Alternative liquid, low correlated alternative,  multi-strategy, trend following,  managed futures, quantitative systematic, macro,
    equity market neutral, CTA and alternative risk premia.